The elegant universe

I watched the first documentary of the elegant universe series. The video explains how scientists came up with string theory, which is the closest thing to the theory of everything. This theory explains the world with vibrating energy. Everything we see and touch has different types of vibrations. The universe is like a symphony that unifies everything while recognizing the importance of each unit.

It is important to say that unity does not make a bigger union, it acknowledges the existence of every unit that compasses and because of that a perfect union can be created.

Isaac Newton created a theory unifying the heaven and the earth and called it gravity. He had the vision to realize that the same laws act in the entire universe. This way one can apply the same principle to everything in the world. For example in every physics equation we need to calculate gravity in order to get an approximate result. Gravity was the first force that was understood by science as a law of the universe.

The velocity of light is a cosmic limit. With this theory, Einstein discovered that gravity cannot be faster than light. Therefore, he made a new theory called general relativity which reminds us that we cannot fully understand and predict the universe. What we can see and measure is just one out of many dimensions of the universe.  

According to quantum mechanics, nothing can be “real” because everything can always be different. The theory of quantum mechanics is similar to the theory of maya in yoga. It is a way of thinking where we do not condition what is going to happen with our previous experiences. If we always expect different possibilities we will be more flexible to receive whatever comes to us. It is about destroying assumptions. We do not know enough about the world to make valid assumptions.

Yoga, like science is based on what we know about the present. We cannot predict the future, therefore it is important to observe and feel the present to know what works for us today and cetiris parivus, it will work for us tomorrow.


Porqué soñar en grande puede ser una mala idea.
Moola Bhanda

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